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Monday, February 06, 2006

Where are the open source car computer readers?

After having some car troubles this weekend I began wondering... Why do I have to take my car into a service shop and pay them to hook it into a computer for 5 minutes? Why do they charge to hook up to a computer for 5 minutes again? And if the computer in my hood knows something, and LCD readouts are dirt cheap, why can't the car companies put a small readout under the hood to tell me what is wrong? I'll never understand...

And why couldn't I just buy a little reader for $40 at AutoZone that could tell me the problem, AND I could reuse it, AND would be cheaper than the $50 - $100 that I'll be charged at a service shop? I'll never understand...


  • If you are talking about OBD-II, check out the Wikipedia entry:


    I haven't tried it out, but some of the projects listed sound promising. Of course, my laptop died a while back, and I never bought a new one to replace it...

    This hits home because my check engine light is on right now as well. I just used AutoZone to get a readout of the code. I'm leaning towards MAF/O2 problem...

    By Blogger Sean LeBlanc, at 06 February, 2006 17:58  

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