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Friday, January 14, 2005

Multiple Firefox Session

I found some posts about creating multiple firefox sessions. But they all require you to set MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1 in your environment before starting a window. This forces each window to use a different profile. All I want is each window to use separate session cookies, or even allow this in separate tabs (could be very hard to get right).


  • Man I saw this posted over a year ago. I have been looking for the same thing does anyone have a solution?

    By Blogger Justin, at 15 May, 2007 16:16  

  • No, not that I know of. I haven't even found a plugin for it.

    By Blogger Jeff Sheets, at 15 May, 2007 20:46  

  • I found this while looking to solve the exact problem you describe. Using Cookiepie, Firefox does not run in a separate process, but it allows you to have separate cookies (and therefore, separate sessions) for different tabs in a given website. This solves most peoples problems. I still have no idea how you can get different chromes to run in separate processes, however.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 September, 2007 09:04  

  • I just tried CookiePie, but I was disappointed to see that there is a bug which means that the session started in the parent window does not apply to popups.
    Unfortunately this makes the extension useless to me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 February, 2008 09:46  

  • Try the CookieSwap add-on for Firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3255

    I just installed it today and it has been working pretty good for my testing.

    By Anonymous Jeff, at 25 February, 2008 15:39  

  • Very nice Jeff !

    Cookie swap is the solution for us.
    uncommentedbytes is the third result searching for "firefox session" in google search =D
    So here's the solutions for you that are looking:

    Yes. It works with firefox 3.5.
    See "'Simple' solution for ff 3.5" in the addon page

    By Anonymous PsyVideos, at 29 July, 2009 16:05  

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